What's happening in Devonport?

Pay It Fwd, a world-first initiative to support regional small business, is launching in Devonport in March 2020

All businesses in Devonport are eligible to receive a FREE Connexus phone system and in return, pay the value forward back into the local community.

Businesses across the nation are already joining the movement, so don't miss out!

Your local IT hero: Jason Watts

Most people know Neveco as an IT business – but that’s changing. We’re working on focusing our business toward creating ease of connecting with the world and empowering our customers, demonstrating that we’re the tech company that’s on their side.

We want our customers to get on with business and go do the things they enjoy without barriers, restrictions or inconvenience rather than be held back by technology. Sure our core business is IT solutions however it is our essence driven purpose to create a sense of community and build healthy relationships with those that come into contact with our brand is at the heart of why we do it.

More go, less no.

"It is our essence... to create a sense of community and build healthy relationships."

How it works

Business value

Get 12 months FREE Connexus phone service for businesses in participating towns

Spent locally

Reinvest your phone bill on other local businesses

Community benefit

Your contribution will circulate around the town, benefiting all

Watch our explainer video

Be a part of this world-first regional investment program and watch your local town grow!

Feedback from participant in Devonport

Tom Cowlard, Manager of The Devonport Country Club

"Pay It Fwd has meant the club has been able to modernise our phone system and the money saved we have paid forward during the stages of our Building upgrade."

Sign up and speak to us about how can you can get involved with Pay It Fwd.

Join the movement

and support your community

We collect your personal information so we can contact you in relation to the ‘Pay It Fwd’ project and supply our goods and services and other purposes as outlined in our Privacy Policy

Be a part of this world-first regional investment program

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