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Pay It Forward is an exciting new community initiative to celebrate small business and support local shopping. 

This world-first initiative is being piloted in Gawler, South Australia, from August 2019. 

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Business value

Get 12 months free phone service for your business

Spent locally

Ditch the bill and spend it on other local businesses

Local benefit

Your contribution will circulate around the town, benefiting all

How it works

Watch the town grow in business, community and happiness

Regional impact

Connect with the community and meet other business owners.

Social events

Telco and tech

Grow your business with advanced features and services.

Expert advice

Learn practical business tips and tricks from industry experts.

Feedback from Gawler Small Business Owners

"This concept is a great idea, especially supporting local businesses and create faith within the community which I think we can do a lot more of."

Rashidah Johnson

Chicque Boutique Dress Hire

"I think the Pay it Forward Project is a great idea to bring Communities and Business together to engage  and showcase a diverse range of people, products and services in Gawler and the surrounding districts. "

Ben Joyce

Poetic Justice Cafe Gallery

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Be a part of this world-first social experiment and watch your local town grow!