A world-first initiative to support regional small business

We all know the value of technology to small business. But what if that value could be invested in other businesses and the wider community? 

How it works

Business value

Spent locally

Community benefit

FREE Technology for businesses in participating towns

Reinvest your tech bills on other local businesses

Your contribution will circulate around the town, benefiting all

Watch our explainer video

Telco and tech

Social events

Grow your business with advanced features and services.

Connect with the community and meet other business owners.

Digital education

Regional impact

Learn practical business tips and tricks from industry experts.

Watch the town grow in business, community and happiness

Feedback from Small Business Owners

Stuart Palmer

Megan Hodge

South East Firearms

Your Wealthy Life

"Not only have we saved money, but the call features have enabled better customer service and prevented us from missing calls from out of hours. I can now spend on other goods and services to improve my business in this regional area."

"The timing was great because when I joined PayItFwd, my business was just starting to grow. It's been fantastic to be able to direct clients to a business number rather than ringing my personal mobile."

Join the movement

Find out how you can support your community

Be a part of this world-first regional investment program and watch your local town grow!

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